1.91″ (48.6mm) Diameter

24V DC

  • Inner rotor design, Zinc plated carbon steel tube, ABEC 1 bearings
  • Dynamic Brake
  • DC brushless motor is adopted for long life and protected from overheating
  • 7/16″ Plain Hex Shaft
  • MBB-071 (Hex flat up) or MBB-081 (Hex point up) mounting brackets; or Low Profile MBC-071 (Hex flat up) or MBC-081 (Hex point up); roller requires two
  • Continuous or intermittent duty
  • Torque transmitted through output tube
  • Available Options: Lagging, Brake, Waterproof
  • Standard Hex Shaft (JH); Also available with Yoke Shaft (JR) Threaded Hex Shaft (JT) JT Shaft requires toothed lock washer and nut mounting hardware
  • Available with Straight or Grooved Tube (Standard Groove location 50/32)
  • Utilizes CB-002NCB-016S4 or CB-016S7, CBM-105FN/P Driver Card, ZPA hybrid card, HB-510, 2 Zone Hybrid Driver Card HB-604BP/N, or 2 Zone Controller IB-E03B (Specify NPN or PNP output)

Specification Document

PDF PM486FS Product Sheet

Installation Instructions

PM486FS Installation Instructions

Note: Mounting nuts for JT shaft to be torqued to 22.1 lb-ft. +/- 10%.

Extension Cables

PDF Molded Extension Cables Product Sheet

Technical Support Documents

AutoCAD File