How to Select a Power Moller

Drawing of Itoh Denki motorized conveyor roller with measurements


PM: Power Moller
Model: 486FE


Speed Code


Tube Length


Voltage (24V DC)


Mounting Brackets: KF (no mounting brackets)

What is in contact with the Motorized Roller?

  •  Metal
  •  Plastic
  •  Wood
  •  Urethane
  •  Natural rubber
  •  Corrugated cardboard
  •  Other material

What will be the maximum weight?

What voltage are you using?

  • 24V DC

How fast do you want to move the article?

  • Feet/minute (FPM)

What diameter are you looking for?

Common Itoh Roller Diameters

  • 1.50” (38.0mm)
  • 1.68” (42.7mm)
  • 1.91” (48.6mm)
  • 2.25” (57.0mm)
  • 2.38” (60.5mm)
  • 2.50” (63.5mm)

What is your between frame dimension (BF)?

  • In determining the correct length of the Power Moller required, you should first obtain the between-frame width of the conveyor you will be mounting the Power Moller in.
    • All dimensions need to be converted to millimeters.
    • BF in inches x 25.4 mm = BF in millimeters (always round up)
  • Take the between-frame width in millimeters and subtract 15mm to account for bearing end caps and clearances to achieve proper tube length.
    • Subtract 21mm when using the “JQ” type shafts.
    • For the PM635, the deduction will be 20mm

Please reference the product catalog pages for proper deduct measurements for specific roller options.

Does the application call for any special options?

  • Lagging (Natural Rubber, NBR, Neoprene, Urethane)
  • Dust-proof (DP)
  • Waterproof (WA)
  • Brake (BR)
  • Grooves (P2- standard @ 50/32 mm)
  • OS – Non-standard groove location, sprockets welded to tube, welded key stock 
  • KF – Brackets not ordered with roller (if brackets are priced in with roller, KF is not needed)

Please reference catalog pages for options for each roller model. Options do vary by model.

Tangential Force (TF)

  • Tangential force is the force in lbs. that is needed to move the item on the conveyor.
    • The force tangent to the roller’s surface.
    • Tangential force F can be found by the following formula:

Formula 1
TF = µ X W
TF = Required tangential force
W= Weight of article to be transferred
µ = Coefficient of rolling friction in accordance with the material composition
of the bottom of the article to be transferred. (See Table I)

  • To determine the number of POWER MOLLER units required for transfer, compare required tangential force (F) and the tangential force of one POWER MOLLER unit (f)

Formula 2
Number of POWER MOLLERS required = F/f