How to Select a Power Moller




PM- Power Moller

 Model: 486FE

Speed Code: 60

Tube Length: 366

Voltage: D-024 (DC 24V)

Mounting Brackets: (KF)- no mounting brackets


1 – Material: What is in contact with the Motorized Roller?

  •  Metal
  •  Plastic
  •  Wood
  •  Urethane
  •  Natural rubber
  •  Corrugated cardboard
  •  Other material

2 – Product weight: What will be the maximum weight?

3 – Available voltage: What voltage are you using?

  • 24VDC

4 – Desired transportation speed: How fast do you want to move the article?

  • Feet/minute (FPM)

5 – Diameter of the roller: What diameter are you looking for?
Common Itoh Roller Diameters

  • 1.50” (38.0mm)
  • 1.68” (42.7mm)
  • 1.91” (48.6mm)
  • 2.25” (57.0mm)
  • 2.38” (60.5mm)
  • 2.50” (63.5mm)
  • 3.00” (76.3mm)

(Convert English units to Metric units, 1 inch=25.4 mm)

6 – Between frame dimension: What is your between frame dimension (BF)?

  • In determining the correct length of the Power Moller required, you should first obtain the between the frame width of the conveyor you will be mounting the Power Moller in.
    • All dimensions need to be converted to millimeters.
  • Take the between the frame width and subtract 15mm to account for bearing end caps and clearances to achieve proper tube length.
    • Subtract 21mm when using the “JQ” type shafts.
    • For the PM635FS the deduction will be 20mm
    • Please reference catalog pages for proper deduct measurements for specific roller options.   

7 – Options: Does the application call for any special options?

  • Lagging (Natural Rubber, NBR, Neoprene, Urethane)
  • Dust-proof (DP)
  • Waterproof (WA)
  • Brake (BR)
  • Grooves (P2- standard @ 50/32 mm)
  • KF – Brackets not ordered with roller
  • Etc.
  • Please reference catalog pages for options for each roller model. Options do vary by model. 

Important Formulas:
Tangential Force (TF)

  •  Tangential force is the force in lbs. that is needed to move the item on the conveyor.
    • The force tangent to the roller’s surface.
    • Tangential force F can be found by the following formula:

Formula 1
TF = µ X W
TF = Required tangential force
W= Weight of article to be transferred
µ = Coefficient of rolling friction in accordance with the material composition
of the bottom of the article to be transferred. (See Table I)

  • To determine the number of POWER MOLLER units required for transfer, compare required tangential force (F) and the tangential force of one POWER MOLLER unit (f)

Formula 2
Number of POWER MOLLERS required = F/f

PM Selection Rolling Friction Table

The above values are based on industry standards of products with a smooth, uniform bottom surface in contact with the roller.

If you need any help in Power Moller Selection, please click here to contact your Itoh Denki Sales Representative.