Frequently Asked Questions

Company Information

We are located at 2 Great Valley Blvd., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18706.

Itoh Denki was founded in 1946 and have been building electric motors ever since. Itoh Denki USA Inc. was founded in 1996 to meet the growing demand for Power Mollers in the U.S. market.

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All of our motor driven rollers are custom made to order. We make part numbers based upon the specifications provided to us to create a roller that will fit seamlessly into your application. Talk to an Itoh Denki representative today to discover what part number is right for your application!

Because we custom make all our rollers, we do not have any full rollers assembled and sitting our shelves. Rollers are manufactured from scratch each time an order comes into us. We do, however, stock driver cards and other accessories such as extension cables and mounting hardware.

Every Itoh Denki roller has a label located on the cable side that gives its exact Itoh Denki part number.

KF is our call out for mounting brackets not being priced in with the price of the roller. The KF call out is the only call out that is not included on the label located on the cable side of the roller.

The max cable length that we allow is 3000mm.

Driver Cards

Yes. The IB-E03B and the IB-E04F.

Yes. You will need at least the basic connector kit for your IB-E cards to function. We do offer an IB-E I.O kit as well, which is optional.

Both kits and their components can be found in our product catalog.

The IB-E03B is a 10 pin card. Most of our rollers have standard 9 pin connectors (unless the roller is a break roller which switches the pin out from 9 to 10), meaning you will either have to:

A.) order 9/10 pin extension cables to be able to plug your rollers into your cards or
B.) add a Z cable (EX Z060, Z100,Z200,Z300) onto your roller part number to change the pin out on your roller from a 9 to a 10 pin.

All of the technical information about our rollers and cards can be found in our product catalog.


This is an overview of our quoting and ordering process. For more information about each step, click on the appropriate question(s) below.

  1. Discuss with your Itoh Denki sales representative what part numbers will work best for your application’s needs. Your sales representative will either provide you with a quote or will instruct you to get quoted and purchase through one of our distributor channels.
  2. After receiving your quote, you can submit a purchase order (PO) by emailing and including the following information:
    • Bill to address
    • Ship to address
    • PO #
    • Full Itoh Denki part number, qty. ordered, and price of part #
    • Shipping method and any collect numbers
    • Email address of the purchaser
    • Payment Method
    • Ship Date
  3. Orderdesk will notify you via email when the order is received. This is not a formal acknowledgment of the order being entered, just a confirmation that an order has been received.
  4. If a roller that you have not previously ordered is on your PO, your order will be sent to our engineering department to create an approval drawing of the exact specifications you ordered.
  5. You will need to sign off on the approval drawing if it matches your specifications and return the signed drawing to us.
    • Please note that orders will not be processed until a signed approval drawing is received.
  6. After receiving the signed approval drawing, we can process your order as long as no other updates need to be made (part number changes, pricing changes, etc.)
    • If an approval drawing is not needed, steps 5 and 6 will not occur.
  7. You will receive a formal acknowledgment from once your order has been entered and processed, and this will include an estimated ship date.
    • If you are paying by credit card, please inform the orderdesk of the credit card number.
  8. You will receive tracking information on the day your order ships.

At Itoh Denki, we have multiple sales representatives that cover different areas across the United States. Please click here to find the sales representative that handles your area. The best way to request a quote from one of our Itoh Denki representatives is through email.

After discussing your application’s needs, your sales representative will either provide you with a quote or refer you to one of our distributor channels to get quoted and purchase the products you need.

Below is the information that your sales rep would need in order to create a part number for your application:

  • Roller diameter
  • Between-frame width
  • Weight of materials being moved
  • Type of materials
  • How quickly you want your materials to move (FPM)

For more information on measuring and creating a part number, click here.

Lead time information is provided on every Itoh Denki quote and is usually located toward the bottom of the quotation. Please note, lead times are subject to change due to quantity ordered and inventory at the time the order is placed.


The following information should be included on your order:

  • Bill to address
  • Ship to address
  • PO #
  • Full Itoh Denki part number, qty. ordered, and price of part #
  • Shipping method and any collect numbers
  • Email address of the purchaser
  • Payment Method
  • Ship Date

Please note, if any of this information is missing from your order, we will not process your order and it will be placed on hold until we receive a purchase order revision at with all of the information listed.

All orders should be sent to

We accept all major credit cards, with the exception of Discover. If you are making your first purchase with us, then you will either need to pay by credit card or prepayment.

Terms are available, but are not guaranteed and need to be approved by our accounting department before the credit application process can begin.

If you have any questions on an existing order, please email with your PO number in the subject line of the email followed by the questions you need answered.

After your order is entered and scheduled, an order acknowledgement will be sent to the purchasing agent on the order. Your estimated ship date will be included on the top right corner of the acknowledgment. Please make sure to review your order acknowledgement for not only the shipping information, but quantity, part number, and pricing information as well. If there are any discrepancies please contact Acknowledgements are usually sent 24-48 hours after receipt of order.

Tracking information will be sent to the purchasing agent on the PO that was sent to on the day the order ships.

Approval Drawings

An approval drawing is a document that we complete for each new Itoh Denki motorized conveyor roller, or module that a customer purchases.

We complete approval drawings for each new roller or module ordered by a customer because each of our rollers are made to order and we want to make sure that we are building the parts you need to specifications that you require.

When an order for a new roller or module is sent to, the customer service department will send the order down to our engineering department for an approval drawing to be completed.

Our engineering department will complete the drawing for the part number listed on your PO and then will send the approval drawing to the purchasing agent listed on the order or the quote. The drawing needs to be signed off on and sent back to us before we will enter the order.

Please note, we will not enter an order without receiving a signed approval drawing back. Therefore, if you have accessories on the same order as a new roller or module that needs a drawing, we will not enter the accessories until we receive the approval drawing for those parts.  If you foresee this being an issue, a separate PO could always be cut for the accessory items separate from the rollers and modules that need approval drawings.

An approval drawing only needs to be completed for new rollers or modules ordered. If the roller or module was ordered previously and you are looking to reorder the same parts with no changes, then we can use the previous signed approval drawing. 

If you are looking to make changes to an roller or module ordered previously, please let us know upon order placement or when requesting your quote.

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