Installation Precautions

Warning: Please review prior to installation




Power Supply

If the power supply is not sized appropriately for the number of cards/rollers it provides power to, then a low voltage condition may occur.

  • If the voltage drops below 15V DC and remains low for 1s, then the low voltage error will appear.
  • If the voltage drops below 15V DC five times in 0.5s, then the low voltage error will appear.
  • If the voltage drops below 15V DC less than five times in 0.5s or does not remain low for 1s, the roller may stutter – quickly turning off then on.

Multiple power supplies

0V line of all power supplies on the same conveyor line (powering the card/rollers, & controls) need to be physically linked together

This completes the signal path from one section of the conveyor (powered by a power supply) to the adjacent section of conveyor (powered by another power supply) and allows for proper communication through the cable and external interfaces.

Voltage drop across the power bus

Use suitable gauge wire in relation to distance and current draw to prevent voltage drop. Operating DC voltage is 24V ±10%

When running long distances from a DC power supply, the voltage drop during motor operation across the power bus may be significant (may drop below 15V). If there is a large enough drop in voltage, the roller(s) may behave in a strange manner. In order to prevent this, a larger gauge wire must be used.


Ensure the control card is securely grounded to the conveyor frame. The conveyor frame should also be at the same potential reference as earth ground. Standard grounding practices should be followed.

Static discharge may interfere and damage internal components.


  • 24V DC ±10%
  • 4A maximum current limiter (motor lock is 4A)
  • Diode protection for miswiring
  • Sensor power short circuit protection
  • 5A fuse for power supply protection

Improper power will damage the card. The motor/card should not be subject to locked conditions repeatedly. Internal fuse is not replaceable. If the fuse has blown, more serious damage has occurred within the card/motor


  • Ambient temperature is 32~104°F
  • Ambient humidity is < 90% RH
  • Atmosphere has no corrosive gas
  • Vibration is < 0.5G – Indoor use only

Static discharge may interfere and damage internal components.


Over-speeding of the roller’s no-load speed by more than 50% may cause damage.

Back EMF will be generated.

Speed Variation

Speed tolerance ± 3%-10% depending on model.