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Product Catalog & Brochures

The Itoh Denki product catalog includes product and technical information that will help you choose the proper products for your application’s needs.

View and download our brochures for additional product options, information, and connections.

drawing of itoh denki motorized roller with measurements and formulas

How to Select a Power Moller

After you find the perfect Itoh Denki product for your application in our product catalog, check out our guide to Power Moller selection. This will help you to create the custom Itoh Denki part number that will fit your application’s needs.

What is a Motor Driven Roller?

Itoh Denki’s motorized conveyor rollers, also known as motorized drive rollers or motor driven rollers (MDR) are a safe and energy efficient alternative for your traditional conveying system.   

Click below to discover the benefits of using motor driven roller conveyors.

photo of MDR with features labeled
IB-E03BP drive card in frame

What is a Driver Card?

Itoh Denki’s driver cards, also known as control board, control cards, and drive boards are the “driving force” behind our rollers. Our drive cards come in a multitude of different options, including some that have the ability to add a Rockwell Automation Add-On-Profile to meet your application’s needs.

Click below to discover our most popular driver card options. 

Ontario Technical Center

The Itoh Denki USA Technical Center in Ontario, California is open to anyone interested in testing and learning about our products. Our specialists can answer questions, give training sessions, and help you choose the right products to fit your needs.

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