Our Products

DC Conveyor Rollers

Each Itoh Denki DC motorized conveyor roller comes equipped with a 24V DC brushless motor nestled inside each roller’s tube.

Our DC motorized conveyor rollers come in a multitude of different diameters and are customizable to fit virtually any application’s needs. 


Conveyor Modules

Itoh Denki conveyor modules utilize our 24V DC motorized conveyor rollers within the units to make the transferring of articles hassle-free.

We have multiple conveyor modules available with different capabilities including 90° transfer, free angle transfer, easier conveyor access and more!

Driver Cards

Itoh Denki driver cards are the driving force behind our 24V DC motorized conveyor rollers.

From simple on/off operation to Ethernet/IP capable drivers, there’s an Itoh Denki card available to fit your application’s needs!

P-0D1 bracket


Itoh Denki brackets are utilized with our 24V DC motorized conveyor rollers to prevent the roller’s cable from spinning in the conveyor frame.

We offer various options for both different frame and shaft types. All of our brackets also come in hex flat up and hex point up options to fit the orientation of the hex holes in your conveyor’s frame. 

Extension Cables

Itoh Denki extension cables serve a couple of different purposes in your quest for a hassle-free material handling conveyor system.

These cables can provide additional length to your rollers cable (up to a max length of 3000mm) and they can also allow you to plug a 9 pin roller into our dual zone control cards.

IB-E03B with cable
PM570AS AC Roller

AC Rollers

Itoh Denki AC conveyor rollers are our legacy series of conveyor roller.

Developed in 1975, our AC rollers are what created motor driven roller technology and set an AC motor and gear set inside each roller’s tube.

These rollers paved the way for the development of our 24V brushless DC motorized conveyor roller line.