**Please refer to your roller’s individual specification sheet to view option availability

Prevents light loads from slipping and protects the surface of loads during transfer. Rubber is molded (vulcanized) onto the tube to assure permanent adhesion.

Eliminate load inertia and enable precise stopping. Electromagnetic brake is engaged by spring force when power to the motor is interrupted. Minimum tube length is 250mm (10″) and -One-touch- mechanism is included with tube lengths of 300mm (12″) or more. Maximum Continuous energized time is 30 minutes with a 70% duty cycle.

  • When power is on, Power Moller® functions normally.
  • When power is off, Power Moller® functions as an idler roller.
  • Available for PM570AS/PM605AS series models.
  • The minimum tube length that Free Clutch option can be
  • attached to is 11″. In case the Power Moller® has a
  • spring-loaded end cap, the said minimum length is 13″.
  • Free Clutch option can be added to the Power Moller® with
  • brake. In this case, the minimum tube lengths are 13″ without
  • a spring-loaded end cap and 15″ with a spring-loaded end cap.

Designed for outdoor lines or lines subject to water spray (washdown).
Output and attaching shafts, end caps and tubes are made of stainless steel to resist corrosion. Waterproof specification IP-65, IEC 529.

  • Direct Water Spray to Shafts in Washdown Application may reduce life
  • power of Moller.
  • Waterproof Option may affect speed and torque.
  • Contact Itoh Denki for speeds available.

Used on conveyor lines that are located in areas with high moisture levels.
Attaching shaft and shaft caps are made of stainless steel to resist corrosion. Drip Proof specification IP-55, IEC 529.

Used in dusty or powdery environments. Rubber seals protect the POWER MOLLER® bearings from contamination.

Designed for the handling line that requires a high degree of cleanliness, such as in the electronics, food and pharmaceuticals industries etc. Includes the features incorporated in the drip proof option as well as standard leadwires and stainless steel tube, attaching and output shafts.

C2 – Class 100 Clean Room.

C3 – Class 1000 Clean Room.

POWER MOLLER® and corresponding idler rollers are available with a special end cap or grooves to accommodate small V-belts or round belts. The POWER MOLLER® can be linked to idler rollers on light load/small size applications where consecutive -live- rollers are required. Minimum tube length is 250mm (10″) -One Touch attaching shaft is standard for all tube lengths.

Available for FS, FE, and FP rollers
Up to 39% more torque than standard brake
Can be controlled with CB-016, HB-508, and HB-510 series driver cards (Not to be used with CB-005)

Low temperature grease, spring-loaded shaft, air removal inside tube, rust-proof internal circuitry, reinforced gearbox and low temperature mechanical operation.

Available on the PM486FE, PM486FP, PM570FE, PM605FE, and PM486XP rollers.  Also available on the CB-016S7 and HB-510N cards.