What is a Motorized Conveyor Roller?

A motorized conveyor roller, also known as a Power Moller, motorized drive roller, or motor driven roller (MDR) is a conveyor roller that incorporates a 24V DC brushless motor within its tube.

Motorized conveyor rollers are a quiet, safe and energy efficient alternative to traditional roller conveyors with an external motor driving force.  

Benefits of using MDR


Every Itoh Denki motorized conveyor roller is customizable, meaning that you can choose your tube length, speed code, and other options to fit your application’s specific needs.

Energy Efficient

Each Itoh Denki motorized conveyor roller uses “Run-on-Demand” technology, meaning that our rollers only run when a photo eye senses an article on them,  which will optimize energy savings.

Easily Retrofittable

Itoh Denki motorized conveyor rollers can be easily retrofitted into any existing conveyor application. Most of our rollers are equipped with spring loaded shafts, which makes instillation into conveyor frames hassle-free.

Interested in using an Itoh Denki motorized conveyor roller in your conveyor application?

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