What’s New

Multi-Angle Ball Sorter (MABS2)

The Ball Sorter is a multi-angle sortation module that allows articles to be transferred at 30, 45, and 90 degree angles. 

No pneumatics are used within the unit because the transfer process is performed completely by motorized conveyor roller.

Itoh Denki multi-angle ball sorter image

Slide Open Gate (SOG2)

The Slide Open Gate (SOG2) is a module that allows for easy access through your conveyor line with a push of a button.

Slide Open Gate eliminates the need for steep pitched stairs or crawling under the conveyor.


The newest Flat Right Angle Transfer (F-RAT) module.

Allows for the transfer of articles at 90°. The transfer process is completed by utilizing 3 motorized conveyor rollers within the unit.


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