What is a Driver Card?

A driver card, also know as a control board, control card, drive card or hybrid board is the “driving force” behind motor driven roller conveyor. 

Simply plug an Itoh Denki drive card into an Itoh Denki motorized conveyor roller for a hassle-free material handling experience. 

Take a look at our most popular driver card options


The CB-016 comes in multiple options, the CB-016S7 (NPN inputs, PNP outputs), CB-016N7 (NPN inputs and outputs), and CB-016P7 (PNP inputs and outputs). The CB-016 is the most basic of our driver card offerings allowing for on/off functionality.


The HB-510 is available in two options, the HB-510P (PNP signal inputs and outputs) and the HB-510N (NPN signal inputs and outputs). The HB-510 is our hybrid controller, which utilizes Zero Pressure Accumulation capabilities to prevent package collisions on a conveyor line. 


The IB-E03B is available in two options, the IB-E03BP (PNP signal inputs and outputs) and the IB-E03BN (NPN signal inputs and outputs).  The IB-E03B is our Ethernet/IP capable driver card, which allows for complete configuration control.  This card also allows for Rockwell Automation Add-On-Profile configuration. 

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