Spotlight on Safety in Material Handling

In a fast-paced warehouse environment, safe material handling solutions are vital to success. At Itoh Denki, we prioritize creating products that are both safe and energy efficient for our customers. 

Our Slide Open Gate module was developed as a solution for safety. The gate allows for easy access to the conveyor line for ease of service. Unlike traditional lift gates, the gate lowers slightly and slides under the adjacent conveyor section with the push of a button, creating a space that is easy to walk or drive a forklift through. The Slide Open Gate eliminates the hinge and pinch point of traditional lift gates.

Photo showing the Itoh Denki Slide Open Gate module fully extended

Low power use is another way we incorporate safety into our products. Our motor driven rollers have a rated amperage of 1.5-2 amps under load and are powered by low voltage 24V DC. Our pallet handling rollers also have a low rated amperage, using as little as 3 amps under load. The power is sent to many smaller zones within a larger conveyor system, unlike traditional conveyors with high-voltage external motors.

Our Flat Right Angle Transfer (F-RAT) modules also keep safety in mind. All F-RAT modules are powered by our motor driven rollers and use the same low voltage 24V DC power, never using inefficient pneumatics. All moving components of the F-RAT are close together, with gaps of only a few millimeters to prevent injury. 

All of our products feature Run on Demand technology, meaning they only run while a product is being conveyed directly over them. Each zone runs independently of the rest, so any zone without products directly on it will not run, resulting in vast energy savings and reducing injury  risk to warehouse employees. 

Our controllers are mounted on the outside of the conveyor frame, allowing for easy viewing and access to all of the conveyor’s components. This eliminates the potential risk and hassle of working under the conveyor or needing to remove the driver card from the frame to adjust controls such as speed. 

Itoh Denki IB-E driver card in conveyor frame

For more information about Itoh Denki’s safe solutions, please feel free to contact us.

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