Mr. Itoh Honored with Kyokujitsusokou Decoration

On November 9th 2018, Mr. Kazuo Itoh, President of Itoh Denki, was honored with the Kyokujitsusokou decoration, the highest Japanese national decoration. It comes as a reward for the innovation efforts and participation of Itoh Denki in building the new era of the material handling industry.

Itoh Denki has been repairing, designing, and manufacturing electric motors for over 70 years. In 1975 we developed the first AC motor driven roller (MDR) which consisted of a standard conveyor roller tube with our own electric motor and gear set inside. In 1988, we developed the first 24V brushless DC roller the Power Moller 24©, which revolutionized the way the material handling industry operated.

Over the years, Mr. Itoh has continued to design innovative products that has made operations in facilities safer and more efficient. He continues to use his knowledge of the industry to innovate products that will change the way we see material handling.

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