2.50″ (63.5mm) Diameter

  • DC brushless motor
  • 11/16″ Threaded Hex shaft
  • Heavy duty pallet handling – up to 2500lbs
  • Dynamic Brake
  • Low profile requirement of pallet handling
  • Can be controlled with either of the following driver cards:  CB-016S7 Driver Card, ZPA hybrid card, HB-510 or the EtherNet/IP based IB-E03B 2 Zone driver card.
  • Available Options: Sprockets welded to roller/Double sprocket end cap/VG End Cap (Poly-V type-belt)
  • Roller requires one P-0D1 (Hex Flat Up) or P-0E1 (Hex Point Up) mounting bracket

PDF PM635FS Product Sheet

Note: Mounting nuts for standard threaded shaft to be torqued to 110.6 lb-ft. +/- 10%.

Extension Cables

PDF Molded Extension Cables Product Sheet

Technical Support Documents

AutoCAD File