Terminal Blocks / Driver Cards / Fittings

Terminal Blocks & Fittings

Terminal Blocks and Fittings are to be mounted against the conveyor frame to secure the Power Moller output shaft to prevent shaft wear or “rounding out” the frame hole. This is required because of the high torque generated by the Power Moller. The Terminal Block also has 3 screw terminals for the power supply wires and 3 screw terminals for the Power Moller wires. Terminal Blocks and / or Fittings are provided with the Power Moller. With so many different applications, ITOH can provide the right operating hardware for you.

Driver Cards & Hybrid Circuit Boards

Driver Cards are used for the DC Brushless Motorized Rollers, which control valuable basic functions of operation. Safety is first, and each Driver Card is designed with a fuse to protect against fire hazard within the facility. As standard, the Driver Card CB-002 is provided with the PM486FS, DC Power Moller. If there is a need for more options and versatility, please select any number of our more advanced Driver Cards such as our “Hybrid Board” cards (HB-03), which have ZPA (Zero Pressure Accumulation) logic built into it. HB-508 and HB-510 please inquire with ITOH to find the right card for you.

Here at ITOH DENKI, we are proud to offer you our services with a product you can rely on and the technology to move ahead. To solve your conveying problems, please contact us.

Terminal Blocks / Driver Cards / Fittings
No. A-071/81-G CB-002
No. A-200 CB-005
No. A-270/80-GS CB-016S2
No. A-800 HB-508
No. C-001/-D HB-510
No. D-400-B
No. E-920
No. M-021-B