MODEX 2024

Thank you for visiting Itoh Denki USA at Modex 2024 in Atlanta!

Our 24V DC motor driven rollers (MDR) are a safe and energy efficient alternative to traditional conveyor systems. All Itoh Denki MDRs utilize Run-on-Demand technology, conserving energy by only running while products are sensed on the rollers, and increasing warehouse safety by reducing noise. Our 24V DC MDRs are brushless and have a motor and gearbox set inside the roller’s tube. We offer MDR options for virtually any application, including low temperature operations, heavy-duty pallet handling, and wash down areas. We also offer a variety of MDR-powered diverting modules that transfer articles without the use of pneumatics. 

Itoh Denki was founded in 1946, and we have developed and manufactured motorized conveyor rollers since 1975. Itoh Denki USA has provided material handling solutions to North and South American markets since 1996.

View our solutions featured at the show!

  • Flexible Noiseless Roller (FNR) prototype
  • Slide Open Gate (SOG2)
  • Multi-Angle Ball Sorter (MABS2)
  • F-RAT-NX75
  • PM635FS pallet conveyor
  • 24V DC motor driven rollers
  • HBM-604B to IB-E driver card handshake

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