CBM-103FP (PNP) CBM-103FN (NPN)


Models Applicable


Split 10-pin motor connector: 7 pin /3 pin

Specification Document


PDF CBM-103F Product Sheet .pdf


Technical Document


PDF CBM-103F Driver Card Technical Document rev13-0514


CAD Drawing Download (.DWG)




Designed for use with the high torque PM635KE (up to 10A)
Built in thermal protection for both driver card and Power Moller
Two LED’s to identify type of error and number of occurrences
Dynamic brake control
Stable speed functions to ensure articles of different weights travel at the same rate
Variable speed control with rotary switch for 10 fixed speed settings or by external voltage input for up to 16 speeds
Direction control by onboard DIP switch or external signal input
Adjustable acceleration and deceleration time (0 to 2.5s)
Switch for manual or automatic recovery of thermal overload device
Forcibly stops the motor if motor lock or thermal overload error lasts for 4 seconds or more
Induced voltage protection
Includes mounting hardware and wiring connectors
Two (2) M4 x 15 phillips pan head mounting screws and nuts
Connectors for power and control are: Power: WAGO #231-102/026-000 (Included)
Control: WAGO #733-105 (Included)

Electrical 24V DC ±10% input
-Power Supply: fullwave rectified, smooth current <10% Ripple
Power ON delay < 1s
10A locking current
Input signals (minimum 2.2mA, maximum 7.3mA)
-NPN (0V)
-PNP (+24V DC)
Output signals (open collector 24V, 25mA or less)
-NPN (0V)
-PNP (+24V DC; selectable for Error only)
Applicable PM Models PM635KE
Brake Dynamic (electric)
Protection Motor control thermal protection
-95°C (203°F) on the PCB
-105°C (221°F) in the motor
Built-in diode for incorrect wiring protection
Built-in 18A in-line fuse for supply protection
Built-in thermal fuse to prevent overheating
-139°C (282°F)
Applicable Environment Temperature 0~40° C (32~104° F)
<90% Relative Humidity (No condensation)
No corrosive gas
Vibration <0.5G