Models Applicable

PM486FH, PM635KT, PM570KT

12-pin motor connector


It performs motor run/stop along with direction functions. Speed selection via rotary switch (20 fixed speeds). Variable speed can also be controlled by an external analogue voltage (0 to 10V). Overload protection through a built-in thermister and current limiter; error signal in case of motor overload, Switchable PNP or NPN inputs / outputs. Acceleration and deceleration regulated using 2 potentiometers (0 to 2.5 sec). Automatic or manual restart after overload activation. The CB-030 can deliver a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) by means of a magnetic pulse.

PDF CB-030S Product Sheet

CAD Drawing Download (.DWG)

PDF CB-030 .DWG File

Power Source:

• 24V DC Battery or 24V DC Power Supply
• Battery or fullwave rectified with smoothed current <10% Ripple


Thermal protection reaction 85° C (158° F) on the PCB; 105° C (221° F) in the motor

Built-in 10A fuse for power supply protection

Built-in diode for incorrect wiring protection

2-Pole WAGO (CN1) (M) 734-162(F) 734-102

5-Pole WAGO (CN2) (M) 733-365(F) 733-105

12-Pole JST (M) S12B-XH-A(F) XHP-12 (socket terminal SXH-001P-P0.6)

Temperature: 0 – 40° C (32 – 104° F)

Humidity: <90% Relative Humidity (no condensation)

Atmosphere: No corrosive gasses• Vibration: 0.5G