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High-Temperature,  2 Zone Controller (7 Amp)

Models Applicable

PM486FH, PM635KT

(12-pin motor connector)

  • Designed especially for higher ambient temperature applications such as tire manufacturing

  • Corrosion Resistant coating to protect against sulphuric gases found in tire manufacturing plants

  • Controls up to 2 Power Mollers – Brake and non-brake models*
  • Custom programmable ladder logic for fine tuning your specific application
  • Device Level Ring (DLR) technology built in
  • Control, Monitor and Diagnose the performance of each motorized roller that is connected
  • Direct connection for 2 photo sensors that power and receive the output signal
  • 2 port Ethernet switch built upon Rockwell Automation’s switch technology
  • I/O device equipping 3 discrete inputs and 5 discrete outputs
  • UL and cUL recognized component
  • LED status / error indicators
  • Motor pulse counting through local logic
  • Connects to EtherNet/IP controllers(PLCs) through an I/O connection(implicit messaging)
  • Establish I/O connection to Rockwell Automation’s software and control platforms through E/IP


  • Thermal overload 203°F (95ºC) for the drivers
  • Thermal overload 221ºF (105ºC) in the motor
  • 15.0 A fuse for each motor
  • Input Power Protected from reverse polarity


  • Ambient Temperature: 4~122º F (-20~50ºC)
  • < 90% Relative Humidity
  • (No condensation)
  • No Corrosive Gases
  • Vibration < 1.0G


Motor Power [CN1] WAGO 231-302 / 026-000

Communication [CN404 & CN405] RJ45

Sensor [CN303 & CN304] WAGO 733-104

External input [CN301] WAGO 734-204

Signal output [CN302] WAGO 734-206