Features & Solutions

In today’s progressive manufacturing and distribution environments, designing conveyor systems can be a difficult challenge. Complex problems often need to be solved.

Now there is an innovative and advanced engineering solution that meets the demands of a new age in production automation and flexibility. The POWER MOLLER® is a self-contained motorized roller that opens new horizons in handling system design. Its low profile and ease of installation make it the perfect choice when production efficiency and space savings are required.

Working Concept

The turning force of the motor (outer rotor) is transmitted through the shock absorber to the planetary gearing. The planetary gearing drives the inner gear which is affixed to the roller tube. The tube will rotate because the output shaft (stator) is held stationary by the conveyor frame.

“One Touch” Spring Loaded Shaft:

The POWER MOLLER spring-loaded attaching shaft enables the unit to be quickly installed or removed without disassembling the conveyor frame.


Motor and Gearbox integral with roller tube.

Easy Installation:

Spring-loaded shaft enables quick and easy installation into new or existing equipment.


Safe, Simple and Clean:

Totally sealed construction with no exposed chains or sprockets.


Quiet and Smooth Operation:

Enables low vibration transfer.


Maintenance Free:

Lifetime lubrication ensures long life and maintenance free operation.


Built-in Shock Absorber:

Protects the gearbox from a sudden stop, impact, or acceleration in the line.


Easy Wiring:

Supplied mounting fitting with terminal block and safety cover secures the motor shaft to the frame and provides for easy and convenient wiring.


Easy control of forward, reverse and stop functions.