Itoh Denki has joined the growing list of companies who have chosen to partner with Rockwell Automation as part of their Encompass Product Partner program.


Our latest motorized roller drive cards IB-E03(4 amp) & IB-E04(7 amp) have been added to the list of complimentary products available to Rockwell Automation customers as part of our partnership.



The IB-E03/04 are 2-Zone Network Drive Cards that were created in conjunction with Rockwell Automation.

  • 2 port Ethernet switch
  • Connects to EtherNet/IP controllers(PLCs) through an I/O connection(implicit messaging)
  • Configures easily in RSLogix 5000 using the available Rockwell Automation AOP (Add-On-Profile) 
  • Device Level Ring (DLR) technology built in
  • Control, Monitor and Diagnose the performance of each motorized roller that is connected





To learn more about ROCKWELL AUTOMATION and all of the complimentary products available through their PartnerNetwork, please click the link below: