The Power Moller® saves space and decreases the weight of the conveyor frames. These points are always examined when motorizing transfers such as lift tables or t-junctions.

The motorization of the gate in order to allow the operators to cross a conveyor line will be easy to manufacture thanks to the Power Moller®.

Product In Action

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USPS Air Mail Center

USPS Air Mail Center

O’Hare International Airport
Chicago, IL

  • Retrofit existing conveyor
  • Overhead system
  • Zero Pressure Accumulation

Community Playthings

Community Playthings
Middletown, NY

  • 700 boxes per day
  • Conveys loads 1 lb. to 150 lbs.
  • One Power Moller drives nine idlers

Isola Laminate Systems

Isola Laminate Systems
Fremont, CA

  • 2000 lb load of circuit board laminate
  • Parallel System
  • Cleanroom environment