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Itoh Denki Co. Ltd,  was founded in 1946, starting out as a small shop repairing conventional motors and soldering tools. From these humble roots, we expanded into the design and sale of our own electric motors.

In 1975, we developed the motorized the motor driven roller (MDR) for conveyor systems. These AC powered rollers was the first of its kind. Unlike traditional rollers that are powered by large electric motors, our AC rollers consisted of a standard conveyor roller tube with our own electric motor and gear set inside, providing a safe and energy efficient alternative for our customers. Throughout the years we have continued to refine and expand our AC product offerings. 

 Stemming off the success of our AC product line, in 1988 we developed the first 24V brushless DC powered roller; the Power Moller 24®. These rollers provided our customers with an even more powerful option to convey their products. When paired with photo eyes, the Power Moller 24® became a run-on-demand power house that was safer, quieter, and even more energy efficient because they only operate when needed (Run-On-Demand). 

In 1996,  Itoh Denki USA Inc., was founded to meet the growing demands of the MDR market in the United States. Corporate offices and a manufacturing facility were established in Wilkes-Barre, PA, helping spread the use of motorized rollers throughout country. Today, Itoh Denki USA Inc. has the largest installed base for motor manufacturing in the United States. 

 At Itoh Denki, we pride ourselves on producing high quality products for our customers. This is why every Itoh Denki roller is tested before it leaves our facility- no exceptions.  Every roller is custom made per our customers specifications to meet the needs of their applications.   We offer a variety of different options,  including units designed for low-temp and wash down applications, as well as units used for pallet handling.

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How We Roll

View the video below to see how our Power Moller 24® is changing the way the material handling industry operates.

F-RAT-S (Flat Right Angle Transfer)

 Our F-RAT-S transfer gives you the ability to move product in 4 different directions using our 24V DC Power Mollers. Its compact structure makes it simple to integrate into your current conveyor frame and its Run-On- Demand technology increases energy savings. Don’t like noisy systems? The F-RAT-S uses no pneumatics so noise pollution is dramatically reduced. View the video below to see the F-RAT-S in action.

Like What You See? Here’s a List of Other Products We Have to Offer!

  • DC Rollers

  • PM486FE

  • PM486FP

  • PM486FS

  • PM570FE

  • PM570KT

  • PM635FS

  • PM635KE/KT

  • And More!

  • Power Moller Plus

  • F-RAT-U225

  • POP-D Wheel Divert

  • Slide Open Belt Conveyor

  • F-RAT-S

  • Belt Conveyor

  • U-Turn Conveyor

  • Tilt Rat

  • And More!

  • Cards

  • CB-016S7

  • HB-510

  • IB-E03

  • IB-E04

  • CB-030S

  • CBM-103

  • CBM-105

  • And More!

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Conveying Confidence™

For the last 40 years we have been the proven leader in the development and manufacture of superior motorized rollers and components. As an industry leader, it is our guarantee to provide quality products to you and your facility.  We support this ideology by Conveying Confidence™.  Conveying Confidence™ is the assurance you feel knowing that our company has the knowledge and experience to manufacture and develop top of the line products. But just don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say!

“Our operation runs 20 hours a day, 5 days a week.”

“That doesn’t leave a lot of time for preventative maintenance-so the system has to be tough with reliable components, like the Itoh Denki powered rollers – Kenneth McGaughey, Houston Distributing

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